Friday, 17 June 2016

OJB Jezreel: My Encounter With the Late Music Producer

I can't forget the emotions that ran through my mind when I first heard OJB Jezreel's song 'Searching' - I was captivated. 

I didn't know the song was sang by a Nigerian until later. Didn't even anticipate that I'll meet the brain behind the song in the nearest future. In 2008, my band 'Diamonds' was told by our record label 'Kennis Music' that we would be doing some recordings with OJB for our debut album.

I was thrilled to meet this great producer and singer. He was so friendly and down to earth. He looked and acted very Nigerian, unlike the foreign ambience his song exuded.

I fell in love with his passion for creating good music and the depth of his musicality. Just like OJB wrote beautiful songs for most Nigerian artistes, he also wrote a song for Diamonds. According to him, he specifically wrote to suit my voice and genre and he titled it 'With You.'

Diamonds (2008)
Just last week, I stumbled onto the song on my headset and while listening to it, I remembered OJB and how I would love to work with him again. Never knew that was a prompting that he was about to die.

I join other Nigerian artistes to mourn the late ace Producer, OJB Jezreel. Sir, you will be greatly missed and your legacy of good works will live on.

Click HERE to Download 'With You,' by AJ/Diamonds Ft. Nasty. Written and produced by OJB Jezreel.

May His soul Rest in Peace!


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