Thursday, 28 July 2016

Meet Dreazy Aldrea: The Future of Dance

Born on the first month of the second half of the year, Dreazy Aldrea marks his birthday today, 28th July, 2016. Just in case you are wondering who he is, let's get to know this happy feet fella.

Dreazy Aldrea is a dancer and thespian. Born as Destiny Ugochukwu Nwaeze, the young chap is the last child of his family, from Rivers state.

Quiet and reserved, Dreazy is fun to be with and attracts a huge fan base due to his love and passion for dancing and acting. 

Dreazy enjoys being alone because it's the best time for him to brainstorm, think up ideas and create. He is also a good adviser, one quality that keeps his friends glued to him. 
As a dancer, he draws inspiration from his amazing mentor Les twins, Identical twin dancers; Laurent and Bourgeois, from France, who major on the hip hop new dance.
Dreazy is a mad freestyle dancer, a choreography teacher and is also in love with directing and producing.

Although he is good at handling electronic appliances and would have made a great engineer, Dreazy Aldrea intends to study Theatre arts, as he can't see himself doing anything else. 

Dreazy Aldrea is a year older, send your birthday wishes via his Instagram handle @Aldeazy. One Love!

Watch video of birthday wishes from AJ to Dreazy below:

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  1. Happy birthday bro. Wishing you long life and properity.