Saturday, 23 July 2016

Mon Ami by AJ: Watch Unofficial Video

Hi Mon Ami(e), hope you've been making new friends this period. It's seven days after the release of the latest friendship song 'Mon Ami' and so far, we've been getting good reports.

Downloads are impressive, online streaming more impressive and the feedbacks have been mostly positive. I usually encourage comments, as it helps us know whether we are on the right track. So t
ell us weda d song sweet or e bitter!

The download link is still working, so feel free to listen to Mon Ami again and over again (each time with a more microscopic ears), and of course give us your sincere comments.

In the main time, let's feed our eyes with some nice shots while listening to Mon Ami. This is just a teaser in anticipation of the official video, which comes up in the near future.

Watch the unofficial Video of Mon Ami by AJ Enjoy

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