Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Prince Samuel Nwaeze At 72: Celebrating A Loving And Disciplinary Father

Normally I call my loved ones on their birthday and sing for them with a happy voice. I thought it would be the same for my dad this morning.
I called him with a happy voice but when I started singing for him, a million thoughts ran through my mind and I broke down in tears in gratitude to God - I have a father to call and he is 72-years old today . . .
As the only surviving child of his parents, my dad grew up independently and to make up for a lonely upbringing he gave birth to 10 of us.
Growing up under his supervision was not an easy one. He is the most strict and disciplined man I've ever known; not even age could mellow down his values.
But sometimes I wish I could be a child again, so my dad can pet me, give me money to buy biscuit and sweet, force me to swallow my medications, coerce me to eat fresh fish, punish my siblings for smacking me, call me 'Orianzu Onye Ije Nweke' . . . and tell me how my gifts will expose me to Kings and Queens around the world.
. . . So after singing for my dad this morning, I wanted to pray for him unto birthday man, instead he flipped it and started praying for me . . . for my star to shine brighter, for me to tour the world and bring home that man . . . etc.
I cheered up before I hung up; he rose my hope again. He reminded me I was a Star, reminded me I was yet to travel the world and appear on TV screens, billboards and magazines . . .
I smiled in gratitude to God. . . I have a father who believes in me and he is 72-years old today.
Happy birthday Prince Samuel Elemchukwu Nwaeze.
Words can not express how happy I am to see you mark this special day.
We will celebrate many more years together and I will work hard to make every positive word you have spoken about me come to pass.
Have a blast 72nd birthday!

With love from your lovely daughter, Ajumoke Nwaeze.

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  1. You have a really amazing father! Take a lot of care of him while you can. Some of us miss seeing our dads because they are no longer with us.