Monday, 24 July 2017

My Lagos Story: One Year Anniversary

March 2008:

Obalende! Obalende! I laughed silently as I heard several bus conductors call for passengers. I really don’t know what exactly triggered the laugh - the name itself or the way they said it with a loud husky voice.
It was my first time in Lagos. I had spent over 8 hours sitting in a Marcopolo bus from Port-Harcourt. The trip would have been more relaxing if the bus driver had stopped for us to stretch our legs and get fresh air. Instead, we were served lunch in the bus and used the automobile convenience. From the bus terminal at Ojuelegba, I boarded a bus to Obalende, then found my way to Ikoyi, where Star Quest was holding.

After the competition, life was stress less: I lived in a choice area of Lagos Mainland with five amazing guys in a house we won. I was taken everywhere I needed to be with my band mates in the car we won. I saw Lagos through the wound-up glasses of an air conditioned Toyota Quest, so whenever I heard people say ‘living in Lagos is hectic,’ I never really understood what they meant.

February 2012:

With all the privileges of a Talent Hunt winner fizzled out, I saw Lagos for what people said it was - HECTIC! I would jump from one bus to another and spend hours in traffic in the midst of sweating passengers. I usually came back home sticky, exhausted and with a headache from the constant yellings of bus conductors, road side hawkers, and all the razziness of the typical Eko City.  Lagos na wa! Gosh! I packed my bags and left.

July 2016:

After 4-years of shuttling between Port-Harcourt, Lagos, Calabar, and Enugu, I finally decided to return to the city that once gave me a shine. This time, I came prepared. I didn’t want my story to be like that of some Lagos immigrants who came in via night bus and slept under a bridge for some nights. I flew into Lagos, stayed at a friend’s place on the Island, and one month later, moved into my own apartment. Lagos indeed is a land of opportunities; as a Singer, it’s the best location to be, although the music producers here ain't cheap. As a Content Developer who knows her onion well, I’ve also been privileged to explore some good platforms. . . more loading! 

July 2017:

Today, it’s exactly one year I relocated to Lagos a second time. I am grateful to God for growth and glad that Lagos and its residents welcomed me wholeheartedly. My career path keeps getting clearer; and although I’m yet to get most of the things I desire, (including a record deal), I’m positive that this city has a lot to offer me. My hustle must pay and I am unwrapping them two by two.

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Special appreciations to my family for believing I can stand strong on my own and to my loved ones who continue to add spice to my stay in Lagos. God bless y’all.
Eko Oni Baje o!

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  1. Glad to hear about your 1st anniversary of living at Lagos.No doubt people of Lagos are very hospitable and welcome all other city's resident whole heartedly.