Sunday, 3 September 2017

#737Moments: An Experience I Always want to Replay

“Whoa! Oh my . . . ! Wow!” I kept screaming as I walked into the studio. My eyes were already getting wet from the sudden outburst of emotions. I tilted my head backward occasionally to stop the tears from rolling down. I bet the other participants were as overwhelmed as I was, having ace music producer and singer, Cobhams Asuquo, welcome us with some magical sounds from his grand piano.

The day before was intriguing. I and eleven other unfamiliar individuals arrived Renaissance Hotel, Ikeja GRA and spent a couple of hours debating on the reason why we were invited to a five-star hotel for a four-night stay. However, after a sumptuous buffet lunch, a glammed up photo/interview session, and another round of buffet for dinner, the first day ended on a pleasant note, clearing all doubts, yet activating more curiosity.

“Immediately after breakfast, go straight to Room 337 for styling and makeup,” the Project Producer’s calm but firm voice relayed over the intercom. It was the second day of the 737 Project and it felt somehow weird waking up and getting all dressed up without a clue of the day’s schedule.

“I’m done,” my roomie announced, “hurry up so we can go for breakfast,” she teased, parading her wet hour-glass figure out of the bathroom. I struggled to part ways with my duvet and headed for the restroom with eyes heavy as a rock and a restless bowel waiting to be emptied. Dein-ere was an exceptional, down-to-earth roommate, and the youngest lecturer I know. She is never shy when it comes to satisfying her stomach and I knew she’ll make me proud again at the breakfast table. As for me, a light meal of poached eggs, two slices of grilled bacon and a glass of chilled Apple Juice was what I needed to start a splendid day. Nonetheless, after breakfast and makeup, we headed out to somewhere on Lagos Island where we met the pleasant surprise – Cobhams.

As a singer, I’ve always wanted to do an advert for a reputable brand, I never knew Guaranty Trust Bank would be my first major, and Cobhams Asuquo would be the producer. Time spent with Cobby was very entertaining. He familiarized with us effortlessly, taught us the popular 737 theme song and guided us through the recording – one of the best studio sessions I’ve had in a while.

The next day was preeminent. It was my birthday coupled with the big shoot of the 737 Moments Music Video. On arrival at the location of the video shoot, we had another pleasant surprise – life-size wooden statues of ourselves. I never realized how narcissistic I was until I saw an over six-feet version of myself smiling back at me. The feeling was unexplainable! I kept drooling. The rest of the group, especially Bisi the Carpenter must have run out of wows as it became the most used word during and after we walked down a hallway lined up with 16 x 26 inches framed portraits of each person.
Being styled by a celebrity designer is not something you get every day, especially when a Bank is footing the bill. So I made sure I took enough photographs in my gorgeous costume just to tantalize my social media followers. Obviously, Jane Michael did justice to my petite figure with the little black and gold dress she adorned me with, making the rest of the evening a delight for me. We had so much fun during the video shoot and didn’t notice 8 hours had slipped by until Clarence Peters, the director called it a wrap. Did I forget to mention my surprise birthday moments? What an experience!

. . . Back to my house, I needed hours of uninterrupted sleep to recoup from the marathon days of intriguing activities. I was just reminiscing about the unforgettable experience GTBank gave I and the other *737# users when my phone rang.

“AJ, GTBank loved your performance on set and has an offer for you. Would you like to . . .

Watch this Best Advert in 2017 by any Nigerian brand; 737 Video


  1. Omg its just like a dream come true! Congratulation for getting your first break.You got such a biggest opportunity.I am so happy for you!

    1. Thank you so much dear. We need more breaks like this.

  2. Well said. You are highly descriptive!!!