Sunday, 11 February 2018

First Valentine by AJ Ajumoke Nwaeze: A Story on Finding Love


It's 3 days to Valentine's day & I'm here pondering "how will I spend this year's Valentine?"

Anyways, here's a recap of my previous Valentines.

14th February, 2017
After work, I went to sleep over at my closest female friend's (NB: we are both straight). We talked about our careers and boyfriend issues over suya and wine.

14th February, 2016
I took myself out for dinner but ended up calling my ex to join me cos my heart was so messed up, I couldn't think straight.

14th February, 2015
I slept all day and didn't notice what the world was celebrating.

14th February, 2014
I was on air all day (as an OAP) and spent the entire evening covering a work event.

14th February, 2013
My most adventurous Valentine's day.
Details found in my book: 30 Flavors of Apple Juice

14th February, 2005 (quick rewind)
The events of that day and the days before needed to be preserved so I wrote about it, first in this blog.

As chitty-chatty as the story is, it got me a slot as a Resident writer for UNESCO World Book Capital.

Inspired by this, I spiced up the blog post (added pepper & salt here and there) into a short story. As edited by Molara Wood, Lindsay Barrett, and Sylvester Kay-Adade, I present to you one of my pen works -  the inspiration behind #CupidCorner #FindLoveThisVal

First Valentine!

Download your copy HERE

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