Sunday, 11 March 2018

Motherhood: My Labour Room Encounter

Growing up, I always wanted to give birth to four children, but after witnessing childbirth, I think a set of twins is just fine.

It was a requirement for my final year project to witness 60 deliveries so I had no choice. When I entered the labour room, the first thing I saw, asides a room full of people, was a baby's head stuck in its mother's V-jj. The nurses rallied around the woman; some shouted at her, others persuaded her to continue pushing while her mother kept mounting pressure on her upper tummy to help the baby slide out.

It was her first baby; she was too tight and also too weak to push. At a point, the doctor had to cut her V open with a scissors in order to pull out the baby. It was bloody and of course extremely painful. The woman was in so much pain that she could no longer make sounds of crying but endless tears kept flowing down her cheeks.

Seeing her in such pain gave me instant fever; I started shivering and crying at the single thought that this could be me someday, even though I have the grace to deliver like a Hebrew woman.

Labour pain is just one of the pains peculiar to mothers/women. From loosing virginity and monthly cramps, sleepless nights of nursing babies and breastfeeding/weening pain, to domestic abuse, rape, circumcision, ear piercing, etc, women experience different levels of pain yet are still the strongest at heart.

It's Mother's day and I can't help but celebrate all the women who continue to stay strong irrespective of all the challenges and threats of the world. Cheers to all women who have given life to a child (by birth or by nurture)... You are the real MVP.