Friday, 18 May 2018

EVOLUTION: The A- Z of Human Existence

Evolution does not exist
It's all in our head and chest
Like every other thing except
Its first four letters in reverse.

An age-long tradition for growth
The path to creating male, female and both
The hottest thing after fire and sun
The perfect subject for a father and son.

It is everything at the same time except hate
Untouchable yet moves you to feel and not faint
Closely related to butterflies and intestines
Connects you deeply to another's intestines.

It’s more than an idea or a feeling
Though you feel the impact of its magnetic healing
Heavy enough to weigh you down
Light enough to soar you high

A fiery heat that burns your loins and makes you harden
A fairy’s wand that guards your heart and keeps it frozen
A hidden treasure secured with lies and deceit
An open fountain flowing with hurt and disease

Often misused and integrated into a sentence
It loses its value too soon to a death sentence
Replaced easily with words that make no sense
Damn you, I hate you, you are of no essence!

So, if you’re confused about what it is
Or understand but in denial that it is
Don't say it, I repeat don't say the word
Just say 'I like your perfume and how you make me feel’

Cos if you believe in Evolution
And its first four letters spelled in reverse
You will EVOL with all of your beings in motion
Because LOVE is the A-Z of human existence

©  May 2018

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