Monday, 1 October 2018

Ajumoke Nwaeze: I am neither Igbo nor Yoruba, I am Nigerian!

You: Ajumoke Nwaeze. Are you Igbo or Yoruba?🙄 Me: I am Nigerian!🇳🇬
Whenever people ask me this question, I usually respond with emphasis on my nationality as a Nigerian rather than explain how I am neither Igbo nor Yoruba.
At least, my passport says "Nigerian." 😁
Anyway, I am an indigene of Omoku in Rivers State, I share boundaries with Imo state and have my root traced back to Benin - the original founders of Lagos.🤔
If I investigate further, I may find out that I have one tiny trace to a Fulani tribe or one Kogi ancestor from the 10th century who gave birth to my great grandmother's great-grandmother. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
Complex as this sounds, most of us are related somehow and should learn to treat each other as " Nwanne." 👯💑
That cleared! I think I want a Hausa name.
Any suggestions?🤗
Happy Independence Day Nigeria!🇳🇬

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